Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Make money on-line $20 at a time with NetSpend!

After you watch my video click the image below to be redirected to the sign-up page to order your new NetSpend Debit Card!

I work from home and I love what I do as a business consultant, business plan writer and branding and social media strategist however I always remain open to new ways to generate real income easily and ethically! I say ethically because I am not "sales pitching" you on something that I am not doing myself! Using NetSpend is easy and will save you the possibility of having your credit ruined in the even your credit or debit card off your bank is stolen because you control the amount of money loaded to the NetSpend Debit Card! When you receive the NetSpend Debit Card in the mail, usually 10 days or so after you sign-up on-line, activate it and then load at least $40 to the card the first time! This ensures you will receive a $20 bonus and it also ensures I receive my $20 bonus for referring you! Then you can use the referral link given to you by NetSpend so you can refer your own friends and family! This allows you to receive $20 each time someone activates their card and loads at least $40 to it! Go to;

This is an easy way to earn $20 referral fees over and over!

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